What people are saying

“The Shadow of Gold is a very important film that should be seen broadly to help spur urgent debate about how consumers, legislators and communities can hold the gold industry to account.”

David Suzuki

“The Shadow of Gold is an ambitious exploration of a metal that still fascinates the world.”

Thomas Walkom, Toronto Star

“By shining a light on the possibilities for more sustainable practices, the film encourages viewers to strive to protect the purity of our environment, and, finally, to re-think the sort of luxury that comes in gold.”

Maria Paula Serrano, Vancouver Weekly

“The Shadow of Gold tells very important stories about how we are all globally connected to gold, including the conflict and pollution that mining companies don’t like to talk about.”

Nuskmata Mack, Past Coordinator, First Nations Women Advocating Responsible Mining

“The human stories resonate…”

Mark Hanson, In the Seats

“…a comprehensive look at the secretive global gold mining industry and the people who work in it and seek to change it.”

Peter Robb, Artsfile (Ottawa)

“…the film is able to make the audience reflect on how this commodity, so much present in our lives, has a not-so-shining side indeed.”

Sergio Martinez, Montreal Times

“This film is a good reminder what the jeweller of the future should do and also a reference to educate our clients to ask for better solutions. While this road is still starting and there’s so much to be done, the film is a great step to bring this question to a wider public.”

Olga Leclair, Jeweller, LOFT.bijoux

“This documentary is a great first step for consumers to make in educating themselves on the challenges of the gold supply chain by providing the audience with the broad strokes from the pit all the way to a finished consumer product.”

Kesha Frank, Fair Trade Jewellery Co

“The Shadow of Gold criss-crosses the planet to shed light on the shiny substance. [The film concludes] with a profile of a fair-trade jewelry store in Toronto and a Nobel chemistry laureate whose work could mean a less damaging technique for gold extraction.”

Chris Knight, National Post

“As a jeweller the question ‘Where does the gold I am using come from?’ is always lurking in the shadows of my mind. This documentary gives all of the unsettling answers about the mining industry you would prefer not to hear. But it also lets you know that there are organisations that are working to further consciousness and implement standards and rules to change things for the better. It is also made clear that we as individuals are important and can be part of that change. Since seeing this truly compelling documentary I have started the application process to buy and use fair-trade metals in our business.”

Annegret Morf, Serafino

“I loved the fact that we got to see the industry from a global perspective and in a very fair and comprehensive light. It allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions. I strongly recommend that Canadians watch this movie, particularly in an election year.”

Nicole Piggott, Montreal