Earth Week 2021 Screening Reactions and Testimonials


“Each speaker was unique in their knowledge and experience, it was really lovely to hear from them.”
– Amnesty International Member

“It was a nice way to see a resource but more importantly hear from the people who created the resource. This was my first time being on a webinar of this nature and it was very well done.”
– Reginald Hartwick, Grade 9 Geography; Grade 12 FNMI/World Issuess

“I thought it was well-done for its target audience. I work in the local government sector in NL and will be thinking about what kinds of local government action can be taken in relation to mining more generally.”
– Municipalities Newfoundland & Labrador Member

I liked the diversity and expertise of the panelists. well organized and thoughtful, concise discussion
– Audience member


“This is a great film for my geography classes and my First Nation, Metis and Inuit World Issues class.”
– Reginald Hartwick, Grade 9 Geography; Grade 12 FNMI/World Issues

“The challenging part is to provide the students with the economic benefits of mining and then show all the negative impacts mining has on the environment and people. This is good that we have something to use to show the negative side not only in Canada and the world….This is a great venue to see resources we can use in our classes. Well done.”
– Reginald Hartwick, Grade 9 Geography; Grade 12 FNMI/World Issues

“…in my opinion, the reality is dire in the sense that the global mining industry — including and especially the practices of companies based in Canada, and operating in Canada — is very, very under-regulated. State governments are captured to a large extent. The “hope” here is for more public awareness and education. I agree with Ugo, Payal, and Nuskmata that it’s imperative that mining companies honor human rights and Indigenous sovereignty—and need to be regulated by democratically elected governments.”
– Heather Hardcastle

“Here in BC some of our major hurdles in K-12 public education remain a pervasive lack of adequate funding for resources (includes hard copy, and reliable access to digital) and enough time to meaningfully engage with the materials, knowledge and balanced information”
– Kari

“Thank you to all of the incredible panelists, it was so amazing to hear your perspectives!”
– Andrea Oakunsheyld